Activism (Spring 2024)

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3. Promoting Belief and Action through Critical Thinking: Embracing The Teacher as Activist – Dave Reilly

8. Book Announcement! War Resisters League: 100 Years of Resistance to War and the Causes of War

11. City of Redlined Neighbors: Redlining in Past and Present Buffalo – James Coughlin

18. Testimony of a Community Organizer – Tish O’Dell

23. The War Will End – Mahtab Mitra

28. Youth Perspectives on Climate Change – Olivia Sheldon and Jessica Bisbee

33. International Institute on Peace Education 2024: Nepal

36. “Freedom, Ain’t Free” – Saladin Allah

40. Clean Air Coalition – Bridge Rauch

43. The Thin Blue (and Black) Line: On the Permeability of Antifascist-Police Intelligence Efforts – Michael Loadenthal

50. Teaching Love Canal’s Enduring Lessons – Luella N. Kenny and Kevin A. Hinkley

58. “Strength Comes from the People:” Sustaining Activism and the Arts in Yogyakarta, Indonesia – Shelly Clay-Robison

66. Love Canal – Emma Cook

69. Growing Political Activism: One Journey – Victoria Ross

85. Art is My Weapon – Mike Klein

89. Contributing Authors