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The Peace and Justice Studies Association is a trusted community of colleagues and friends with integrity and hope for creating a better future. We welcome all peace institutions, peace instructors, peace practitioners and peace activists to become members of this dynamic organization. JOIN TODAY!

Benefits of PJSA membership

The Peace and Justice Studies Association is open to all organizations and individuals interested in building a better world. Benefits of membership in PJSA include:

The Peace Chronicle: Published three times per year, each issue features new scholarship and literature, the latest developments in peace research and education, central issues in the peace and justice movements, book and film reviews, political commentary, and other critical resources for educators and activists alike. Recent editions are available on the publications page.

Peace & Change: A Journal of Peace Research: This scholarly journal is co-published by the PJSA and the Peace History Society. The journal features articles related to the creation of a peaceful, just, and humane society.Peace & Change seeks to transcend national, disciplinary, and other arbitrary boundaries while building bridges between peace research, education, and activism. The journal includes articles on a wide variety of topics related to peace and justice organizing around the world, conflict resolution, nonviolence, internationalism, race and gender issues affecting peacemaking and peacebuilding, cross-cultural studies, globalization and economic development. PJSA members may opt-out of receiving this journal for a lower membership rate.

Peace Science Digest: Published eight times a year, the Peace Science Digest provides access and useful analysis to the top research in the field of Peace and Conflict Studies. We aim to provide a mutually beneficial link between the field’s academic community and its practitioners, the media, activists, public policy-makers, and other possible beneficiaries. The Peace Science Digest is formulated to enhance awareness of research addressing the key peace and conflict issues of our time by making available an organized, accessible, and relevant analysis—creating a resource for the practical application of the field’s academic knowledge. PJSA membership will include a free digital subscription to all issues as well as a discounted option for print issues. 

Members-only email discussion list: This dynamic list features regular discussion on peace studies and peace activism, as well as current job openings, calls for papers, and news related to peace and justice worldwide.

Members-only job postings, referrals and consultations: PJSA offers employment referrals, internship placement, and career development advice for members of all backgrounds. Members receive expert consultation on research and teaching projects.

Members-only call for paper directory: PJSA offers a finely currated, frequently updated stream of relevant Calls for Papers from a wide variety of sources. These opportunities to contribute book chapters, conference papers and other projects are often sent directly to PJSA by organizers.

Discounts to the annual PJSA conference: Each year, the PJSA conference brings social justice and peace activists, scholars, and educators together to discuss the state of the field, celebrate our work, network, strategize, and have fun.

Networking and membership directory: In addition to the networking opportunities through the email discussion list and the annual conference, PJSA maintains a membership directory to enable communication with colleagues in your area.

Discounts with affiliate organizations: In addition to discounts at the annual conference, all PJSA members receive discounts with our partner organizations such as the  National Peace Academy, Higher Education Consortium for Urban Affairs, Canadian School of Peacebuilding and more.

Become a member of the PJSA for these benefits and more! Join today as an individual or as an organization.