External Review and Program Support

PJSA maintains a list of external reviewers and program mentors that can serve the distinct needs of your program.

*Is your academic program in need of an internal review or external evaluation?

External reviewers are PJSA members with experience in conducting evaluations (internal/external) of peace and justice studies and other related programs.  PJSA’s list of registered reviewers represent a spectrum of knowledge and experience.  If your program requires an internal evaluation/review, PJSA’s evaluators can work with you to establish guidelines and process.  If your program requires an external evaluation (for accreditation or other purposes), PJSA can help you find an evaluator to meet your institution’s needs. For terms and conditions, please email PJSA.

*Are you developing a new program in a peace related field and are looking for guidance and support?

Program mentors are PJSA members with experience designing and developing academic and non-academic programs in a variety of settings.  Program mentors have experience in various peace related fields, from gender to nonviolence to ecology.  If you are in search of a program mentor to assist you in the design and development of your program please contact us to discuss options and terms.

*Are you a PJSA member with experience in developing or evaluating programs?  Become a registered mentor or evaluator today!

PJSA members can register to become official mentors and external reviewers.  Terms and conditions of evaluators/mentors chosen from PJSA’s registry vary and are negotiable, although it is suggested that 25% of earnings should benefit PJSA.  If interested, please send a CV and cover letter detailing relevant evaluation / mentoring experience to info@peacejusticestudies.org.