Films for Teaching Peace

In Country

A teenage girl hopes to learn more about her father who died in the Vietnam War from her uncle, whom she lives with, who was traumatically and mentally affected by the war.

In the Name of the Father

A long fight for legal justice by a man and his family falsely accused of terrorism.

Independent Media in a Time of War

Amy Goodman speaks about the corporate media’s coverage of the 2003 Iraq War. She discusses the way that the U.S. media downplayed civilian causalities and glorified military combat, and she asks her audience to consider the costs of coverage that is both sanitized and sensationalized.

India’s Daughter

About a horrific gang rape and beating death of a 23 year old female medical student, Jyoti Singh in Delhi, India and what ensues legally and in mass nonviolent protests.

Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers

This documentary from Robert Greenwald argues that corporations have made a fortune from the Iraq War.

Iron Jawed Angels

A group of young activists take the women’s suffrage movement by storm, risking their lives to fight for American women win the right to vote.

It’s a Girl!

Infanticide of females worldwide, particularly India and China.