PJSA Publications Chair Update

By Matthew Johnson

Winter 2020

I should start with an acknowledgement that this will not be an easy winter for many of us. While a record number of Americans voted for a return to reason and stability during unprecedented ignorance and chaos, COVID, despair, and Trumpism remain virulent. The hard work continues—as you all know. 

Part of that work should be to continue reading and supporting this publication and PJSA’s two partner journals: the Journal of Transdisciplinary Peace Praxis (JTPP) and the Journal of Resistance Studies (JRS).

Important update for members attempting to access free JRS issues: If you are unable to access them once you are logged into JRS’s website (with the same email you use for PJSA purposes), make sure that you are at https://resistance-journal.org. This is the encrypted version of the site. Do not visit the http version. From there, click on “Downloads” at the top -> “My Account” -> “PJSA, IPRA, and EuPRA Members” on the bottom left -> PJSA members. You should see links to issues of JRS on your screen at this point. If this doesn’t work, and you are an active PJSA member, contact orders@resistance-journal.org for help. 

The latest (4th) issue of JTPP was published last August. Its publisher, Abhijit, sent an email soon after its publication with an attached e-Pub and PDF version, along with a link to access the content online. PJSA members can also purchase a print version for $15 plus postage. 

A similar email will be sent out once the winter 2021 issue of JTPP rolls out the last week of February, so keep an eye out for it. Several PJSA members have contributed to this issue. 

PJSA and JTPP are currently in talks to strengthen the partnership. You can help by telling your university library to subscribe.

I would like to close with a call for contributions. In the early days of the Trump administration, Dr. Laura Finley and I produced an anthology of various voices decrying the sexism (and the many other -isms) of Trump and his followers and enablers. We are planning a part-two on the future of Trumpism/how to stop it now that the Trump presidency is coming to a merciful end (even though a peaceful transition of power is far from certain at the time of this writing). This book will be part of PJSA’s Peace Studies: Edges and Innovations. 

A more detailed call for submission is in the works and will be sent out widely, but feel free to contact me and/or Laura in the meantime: mwjohnson19@gmail.com; lfinley@barry.edu

As always, be safe, wear a mask—not just for yourself but for others—and continue to rely on the things (nature, music, people, publications, etc.) that bring you joy in these perilous times. 


Matthew Johnson holds an MA in Peace and Conflict Studies from Hacettepe University (Turkey) and a BA in Journalism from the University of Maryland, where he began his activism organizing against war, poverty, racism, mass incarceration, and gender-based violence. During the Occupy Movement, he linked his activism to conflict resolution and restorative justice, introducing those practices to the Occupy encampments in D.C. He has published several articles and contributed to many books related to gender, racial, social, and restorative justice and is co-author/editor (with Dr. Laura Finley) of the 2018 book Trumpism: The Politics of Gender in a Post-Propitious America. He is also a contributor to PeaceVoice and The Good Men Project. He has served as an educator in a variety of contexts, most recently in the virtual space as a cross-cultural dialogue facilitator and trainer for Soliya. He currently works as a User Experience Researcher.