PJSA Book Series Seeking Proposals

By Laura Finley and Michael Minch

Peace Studies: Edges and Innovations is a book series edited by former PJSA Board Member Michael Minch and Board Co-Chair Laura Finley. The intent of the series is to fill in gaps in the conflict, peace, justice and reconciliation literature while presenting texts that are on the cutting edge of the discipline. The series includes both anthologies and monographs that combine academic rigor and accessible prose, making them appealing to scholars, classrooms, activists, practitioners and policymakers. 

Books in the series focus on re-conceptualizing and expanding peace education, looking to and drawing from communities that have been marginalized, overlooked, or forgotten; identifying new understandings of the role that gender, multiculturalism and diversity play in the creation of sustained peace; promoting innovative peacebuilding strategies and movements related to positive peace and justice; exploring the relationship between peace studies and other contemporary problematics, such as climate change and the rights of indigenous peoples; addressing the overlap, interpenetration and symbiosis between peace and conflict studies and other disciplinary areas; and analyzing current issues in criminal justice, with an emphasis on restorative alternatives. Due to the breadth of the topic matter, the series is appropriate for readers of all disciplinary traditions. 

In sum, the series aims to promote the most interesting and exciting trends of movements in the field of peace and conflict studies. It is also intended to render more visible the unique contributions of peacebuilders and to promote the mission and goals of the PJSA. Persons interested in contributing can contact Laura Finley (lfinley@barry.edu) or Michael Minch (MMinch@uvu.edu). 

Books in the Series

Connecting Contemporary African-Asian Peacemaking and Nonviolence: From Satyagraha to Ujamaa, edited by Vidya Jain and Matt Meyer

Cultural Violence in the Classroom: Peace, Conflict and Education in Israel, by Katerina Standish

Marketing Peace: Deconstructing Christian-Muslim Narratives of God, Salvation and Terrorism, by Paromita Gaswami

Peace and Social Justice Education on Campus: Faculty and Student Perspectives, edited by Kelly Concannon and Laura Finley

Peace Studies Between Traditions and Innovations, Edited by Randall Amster, Laura Finley, Richard McCutcheon and Edmund Pries

Political Correctness in the Era of Trump: Threat to Freedom or Ideological Scapegoat? Edited by Luigi Esposito and Laura Finley

Reflections on Gender from a Communications Point of View: Genderspectives, edited by Nickesia Gordon and Laura Finley

The Compassionate Rebel Revolution: Ordinary People Changing the World, edited by Burt Berlowe and Rebecca Janke

Trumpism: The Politics of Gender in a Post-Propitious America, edited by Matthew Johnson and Laura Finley

Conflict Analysis and Transformation: An Introduction for Students, Activists and Communities, by Randy Janzen