Membership Update

By Jeremy Rinker

In the last Peace Chronicle, we reported on our membership survey. Thank you to all who responded. Using insight from the 72 responses to the survey, we have been working—with the support of Michael Loadenthal’s students—to organize and target people and institutions whose past membership has lapsed. This work is ongoing, so do not be surprised if you hear from us as we get closer to the 2020 PJSA annual conference.

We continue to strive to make PJSA as effective and useful as possible for our members. In order to attract new members, we also want to spread the good news about all the work the association is doing. Without a strong membership base, we cannot do our work, so we are asking all members to try and recruit one colleague to join our association. Please tell your friends and colleagues interested in peace that we want them to join, engage, and help our work for peace—many hands make light work!

Currently, annual membership rates are in the following ranges::

  • Individual memberships between $35 and $120
  • Institutional memberships between $210 and $1500

For details, see our membership page.

To check if you are a current member, try to log in on the PJSA website. If you cannot log in, then your membership has likely lapsed. If you have questions, feel free to reach out to Executive Director Michael Loadenthal at

We continue to rethink PJSA membership costs, and welcome your feedback. We want to make institutional membership more attractive and are hopeful that the recent inclusion of the Journal of Transdisciplinary Peace Practice (JTPP) as a benefit of membership in 2020 will be welcomed by current members and attractive to prospective ones. This journal presents new, cutting-edge approaches to transdisciplinary peace praxis and encourages submissions from PJSA members. The third issue of JTPP will be out January 30, 2020, and will be available free online for all members. At PJSA, we encourage your feedback on this new partnership and believe that you will not be disappointed by this new partnership.

The information collected as a result of the survey allowed for many members to share their opinions about what they get out of their PJSA membership, but most of the information we hear as a board comes from the yearly members meeting during the annual conference. We hope that you will plan on attending the membership meeting at our 2020 PJSA conference in Orlando so that we can hear directly from you!

Finally, the PJSA listserv is another valuable perk of membership; we encourage you to engage in this space for members to stay connected and post important news and/or questions.

Please feel free to reach out to us directly at if you have any needs, questions, or concerns regarding membership. May the coming year be one of justice and peace.



Jeremy A. Rinker (Institutional Liaison) & Dean J. Johnson (U.S. Membership Chair)