Letter from the Publications Chair

By Matthew Johnson

Dear PJSA:

I am happy to serve as the new Publications Chair. The timing is perfect for me because I am in the gap between training for a career change and finding the first opportunity in my new field. Within that gap exists both time and space for discovery.

While my new frontier is technology, which is often seen as being at odds with academia, my specialization—user experience design—is surprisingly relevant to my new role; it will guide my effort to ensure that all PJSA publications and partnerships are “on brand” and will bring delight and new perspectives to the membership.

This fall, the PJSA board agreed to cut ties with Peace & Change due to declining PJSA member subscription rates and the need for a journal whose content is more central to the research of most members.

PJSA has received proposals from the Journal of Resistance Studies (JRS) and the Journal of Transdisciplinary Peace Praxis (JTPP). JRS is published by scholar-activists deeply committed to strengthening nonviolent action (I should note that one of the editors is a former professor of mine). JTPP, for its part, offers a wide variety of articles on all things peace and justice—and as a designer I can confidently state that its online presence is very appealing.

Both journals offer compelling research that can augment the work of scholars and practitioners all over the world. The publications team holds the view that there is a place for both journals: JRS, which has no online version as yet, will be issued to members in print, and JTPP will be available online until we work out an arrangement to make its print version available as well.

PJSA also has a book series with Cambridge Scholars Press called Peace Studies: Edges and Innovations. It is edited by Laura Finley and Michael Minch. Books in the series may be monographs or edited volumes that address critical and timely topics, offer new insights, bridge the gap between theory and practice, and elevate important voices. More information about the books in the series can be found on CSP’s website. Queries and proposals can be sent to lfinley@barry.edu or mminch@uvu.edu.

Beyond these current initiatives, I hope to be a resource to members. I encourage you to contact me with all of your insights, questions, and feedback related to publications.


Matthew Johnson