Support PJSA’s Mini-Grants Program at Year’s End

Greetings members, 
As the incoming Mini-Grant Co-coordinators we are hoping to do many exciting things with the grants process in the coming year. We are hoping to double the current fund amount of $1000 during this season of giving. This amount would allow us to issue up to four grants this year in the amounts of 1 – $1000 grant, 1 – $500 grant, and 2 – $250 grants to important projects. We will be soliciting applications for these grants in the first quarter of the 2022 year, with approval and funding to happen within the second quarter of the 2022 year. 
This cannot be done without your support. We are asking that each able member consider donating to the Mini-Grant fund this season to help us make this possible. If each of us were to donate the price of a cup of our favorite fancy coffee or treat, $10, we could easily reach our goal of $1000 by New Years! If you are able, please consider donating and let’s start the PJSA 2022 year supporting the work of the PJSA in all of our communities.
*In the instance we raise more funds than needed for the mini-grants, funds will roll into other PJSA projects. Examples of those would be the PJSA Magazine, PJSA Podcast, etc. 
Individuals can make their tax-deductible donation online or send a check, made out to “PJSA” to:
PJSA c/o Dr. Michael Loadenthal
Digital Futures, Secure Cyber Lab
3080 Exploration Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45206-0639

Thank you all in advance and we hope you have a wonderful season filled with peace.


Mini-Grant Co-coordinators Michelle & Doles, PJSA