Dr. Gordon Fellman

Speaking Topics: the coming end of war, masculinities, an unusual take on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and the usefulness of Marx and Freud for understanding our current crises.

Gordon Fellman grew up in Omaha, Nebraska and studied sociology at Antioch College and Harvard University. After completing a dissertation on a political figure in India, in 1973 he published The Deceived Majority: Politics and Protest in Middle America, a study of a successful working-class protest movement against a proposed urban highway in the Boston area. In 1990, Fellman and five colleagues published the book, The Nuclear Seduction: Why

the Arms Race Doesn’t Matter and What Does. Fellman has published widely on Jewish and Israel-related topics. In 1991 he co-produced a half-hour video called This Is the Moment: Israelis and Palestinians Talking Peace. In 1998, Fellman published a book on the possibility of major paradigm shift in society today, from adversary relations to those of mutuality. It is entitled Rambo and the Dalai Lama: The Compulsion to Win and Its Threat to Human Survival. Fellman is currently finishing a book for a popular audience, on why and how war can end soon. Its title is The Coming End of War. The book deconstructs war in terms of its financial profitability for some, its skewed outlet for anger that belongs elsewhere, its continuing appeal for countless people as a fulfillment of a certain conventional trope of masculinity, and its role in maintaining dehumanization of the other. He is also working on a book on cooperation as the next step in evolution, and on the sidelining of attention to subjectivity in higher education and almost all public discourse.