New issue of the Peace Chronicle published: Climate

Dear Members and Friends of PJSA,

As guest editor this season, it is my pleasure and privilege to announce the publication of the latest issue of the Peace Chronicle, the theme of which is Climate. These articles represent inquiries into topics of crisis, governance, denial and obstruction, migration, industry, infrastructure, biodiversity, politics, environment, greenwashing, indigeneity, resistance, water, transformation, pedagogy, activism, and of course, peace and justice.

While the fifteen writings included offer in-depth considerations of past, present, and future concerns regarding climate, and PJSA’s role in contributing to peaceful and just transitions, more can and should be said to develop these insights and offer others. My hope is that what you find here will invite opportunities to meditate on the situation we find ourselves in and provoke desperately needed action to resolve the tensions underlying the political and environmental conflicts.

Having recently moved into the role as PJSA’s Liaison to Activists, I’d like to finally invite you to consider me a resource to these ends. If you have any comments, responses, suggestions, or proposals for how the Peace and Justice Studies Association can better support activist-scholarship, please do share your ideas and I will work to the best of my ability to ensure your needs are met.

Please do also consider submitting any writings for the Peace Chronicle, either to supplement this issue, or in anticipation of the Summer issue whose theme will be Youth. There is incredible insight, wisdom, and power from the membership and leadership alike, so that together we might continue to contemplate and create the conditions we describe.


Matt Thierry, MA

Liaison to Activists

Peace Chronicle: Climate