While Children Die

By Mariana Hasiak

All the thoughts have been thought.
All the words have been said.
Yet not all wars have been stopped.
It makes me sad and so mad.

I go all crazy. I don’t perceive.
I have to stay awake; I think.
I see the deaths on my small screen
But people see their loved ones, dead.

With lives at stake
I don’t go praying.
I go to sleep. And sleep a lot.
I don’t believe in any magic. In savers
Coming from abroad.

I sleep and dream a lot of sadness
And then my anger solidifies.
I can’t believe in all this madness!
And when I believe I start to cry.

I live my life. I work online.
I read some poems. I eat. Drink coffee.
I live my life. When people die.
When people die, I do my laundry.

I might be sad and bad and angry
I might post pictures here online
I might start crying or even smile
I live my life…
                            While children die


Mariana Hasiak was born and resides in Lviv region, Ukraine, and is PhD Student in Social Work and an English Language Teacher.