Publications Update

By Matthew Johnson

PJSA Publications Chair Update

Spring 2020

The context of COVID-19 makes me want to write something inspiring, but I am left with very little to offer other than the usual appeals to hope and solidarity. I just hope everyone reading this is somewhere safe and warm—with enough food and supplies.

Since we’re all stuck at home, though, it is definitely a good time to catch up on reading. For starters, I hope you enjoy this compelling issue of Peace Chronicle. The editors, writers, and other contributors have once again done a tremendous job—and we will miss Shatha, who set expectations where they needed to be from the beginning (and exceeded them).

The PJSA partnership with the Journal of Resistance Studies (JRS) is in motion. If you are a PJSA member, you should have received an email about the latest issue by now. You can also download its content here. The JRS editors encourage all members to (when/if appropriate) request that their university libraries make available copies of the journal.

The Journal of Transdisciplinary Peace Practice (JTPP) released its third issue in January, which is available online to all PJSA members. Its fourth issue will come out on Aug. 15 and will focus on religious dynamics in relation to peace and conflict. The editors have announced a 15 percent discount for any new subscription routed through a PJSA member. University libraries can subscribe here.

It’s also a good time to catch up on writing. PJSA’s own Laura Finley is looking for perspectives from students (both K-12 and university-level), teachers, professors, and parents on the topic of “teaching and learning during quarantine.” She hopes to put together a new book in the coming weeks. If you’re interested, please contact her:

I hope that, despite “social distancing,” we remain connected as a wider academic and progressive community. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any feedback or ideas.

Be safe,

Matthew Johnson


Matthew Johnson holds an MA in Peace and Conflict Studies from Hacettepe University (Turkey) and a BA in Journalism from the University of Maryland, where he began his activism organizing against war, poverty, racism, mass incarceration, and gender-based violence. During the Occupy Movement, he linked his activism to conflict resolution and restorative justice, introducing those practices to the Occupy encampments in D.C. He has published several articles and contributed to many books related to gender, racial, social, and restorative justice and is co-author/editor (with Dr. Laura Finley) of the 2018 book Trumpism: The Politics of Gender in a Post-Propitious America. He is also a contributor to PeaceVoice and The Good Men Project. He has served as an educator in a variety of contexts, most recently in the virtual space as a cross-cultural dialogue facilitator and trainer for Soliya. He currently works as a User Experience Researcher.