Poem for Peace

By Aanchal Shah

Be courageous to acknowledge courage.

What is Courage? Is it being strong? Is it being firm? It is nothing except acknowledgement of change!
My baby showed courage when she took her first breath in this world of uncertainty,
Leaving the comfort of mommy’s warm cozy womb,
she opened her eyes to a new life of unpredictability.
Her first step without seeking support showed how courageous she is,
The twinkling in her eyes displayed what an achiever she is!
The first day at the park, her first take at riding a cycle, her first night out with grandparents,
the first day at school and the first time at everything was possible because her courage is bliss.


COVID-19 pandemic taught the world the acceptance of the change.
Where doctors were warriors in the battle, thousands lost lives,
millions were saved, and people came closer like never before.
Showing mercy and maintaining peace, holding hands,
The world experienced the courage to forego conflicts.

Where children showed resilience, risk-taking by staying indoors,
Schools were courageous in setting up online schools.
Soldiers at the border made sure to stand alert,
While the citizens were fighting a war within.
My old school mother developed a growth mindset,
Found YouTube, podcasts, google maps and WhatsApp resourceful.

We have courageous people all around,
We just need the courage to accept that they are courageous.
Where some decide to get married, and some choose to stay single.
Where a couple decides to start a family, some opt for adoption to raise a child as a single parent.

When people decide to migrate, when an entrepreneur decides to start a business,
when a person decides to mortgage property, when parents decide to marry their children, when the young minds decide to follow their passion, their courage becomes their strength whole and sole.

When people face old age, the courage will still be shown in the little ways,
Accepting that it’s winter, spring has passed.
Seeking forgiveness, accepting the value of the time that is left.
When death knocks at the door, leaving loved ones behind demands courage,
The ones left behind move on with the hope of a better spring next time with courage!



Aanchal Shal is a PYP educator. Shah started her journey in the banking sector after completing her Master’s in Business Administration. From being a banker to becoming an educator was a roller coaster ride for her. Shah’s love for teaching and lifelong learning made her what she is today. Being a certified IB educator, Microsoft Innovative Educator(MIE), Adobe Creative Educator, and soon to be a UK-Level 6 Certified Educator, she believes in transforming young minds towards creating a better world we all live in. Shah is an explorer, a traveler who loves to visit new places and explore the limitless possibilities that this era offers.