Path of Peace

By Brooke D. Tracy

I found in harrowed wanderings a path where heroes lie
The pain which brings one here was evident in nature’s sigh

Moss which covered trees so old and wise whisper still,

Peace to they who lie awake, peace for they who die 

I felt unworthy to step by the souls who kept their peace
Each slow turn hissed, Love, oh love, over the deceased
And as the call guided my steps o’er the peaceful hill
I felt the land and spirits cry, of which I was the least

Release, release, the bones and song arose from valleys low
While I heard soft melodies, I let my burdens go
Up into the Heavens where my heart beheld a thrill
For loved ones made sweet music where there is no angry foe

Yet here on earth so unbeknownst to bombs and guns ablaze
The song still rose, entreating they who dare to disobey
Come in and gather, still they bid, to young and old who will
To all that dare to offer hands to aid and not to raze

With heavy breath, I gazed behind, the path so dark and narrow

The branches swayed and murmured then, Let peace shoot like the arrow
Down below the choirs called; their hymns I would fulfill

In goodwill march for peace, drawing life from bones and marrow

When the melody doth rise from both my soul and theirs
I shall meet the Heavens and bring music to mine heirs
‘Tis the age-old question yet, to kill or grant freewill
But oh, the path of heroes’ peaceful song still floods the air 


Brooke Tracy is in her final year of the Honours in Psychology program at the University of New Brunswick, with two minors in comparative cultural studies and business administration. She has worked as a research assistant in several areas, including youth conferencing in the criminal justice system, transdiagnostic therapy for adolescents, Indigenous health, and cultural psychology. She plans to incorporate peace studies into her work as a graduate student in clinical psychology, conducting research on immigrant families and access to care for those experiencing social disadvantages.