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2014 ANNUAL CONFERENCE: Call for Proposals

The Peace and Justice Studies Association announces its 2014 annual conference: “Courageous Presence: Shifting Stories and Practices of Peace.” October 16-18, 2014 in San Diego, California, U.S.A. Proposal Submission Deadline: April 1, 2014. To work for peace and justice from a place of hope, compassion, and persistence requires courage -- not only to face conflict, suffering, and violence, but also to claim one’s own share of the trouble and thereby disrupt the cycle of disowned projection that creates the Other. Such courageous presence invites spaciousness, creativity, and inclusivity. In this spirit, the 2014 PJSA conference invites proposals that tell new stories, shift perspectives on old ones, include participants who are not commonly at the table, and develop transformation and emerging possibilities. Our conference will be held on the beautiful campus of the University of San Diego on a mesa overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Taking advantage of its location only 20 minutes from the busiest international border crossing in the world (San Diego/Tijuana), we expressly welcome proposals from Mexican and Latin American colleagues, as well as on border and indigenous issues. We also encourage proposals from the area of disability studies, as well as those from the broad range of fields comprising the conjoined areas of peace, conflict, and justice studies. We invite maximum 150-word proposals by April 1, 2014 to the PJSA website. Submissions may propose various formats, including papers and research presentations, roundtable discussions, teaching and/or skills-building workshops, poster sessions, panels, films, and creative works using a variety of means. Submissions from teachers, activists, youth, and first-time presenters as well as academics are welcome. For more information, contact:



Like many nonprofits, the PJSA has been challenged to maintain the resources necessary for the business of providing professional opportunities and support for our members. Make no mistake: we are committed to you and the work that you do in the world, and have no plans of vanishing any time soon! Indeed, more so now than ever, our collective expertise and vision is essential for turning crises into opportunities and, ultimately, war into peace. It is in this spirit that we desire to be more than merely a professional association: the PJSA strives to be a resource center, gathering point, networking locus, and (most importantly) a community. Please help us continue to sustain and grow this crucial effort with a gift today -- or recruit a new member tomorrow! Consider leaving a legacy to support the work of peace. And continue participating in our mutual effort...


Announcing the PJSA Speaker's Bureau!

Are you interested in finding a keynote speaker, presenter, trainer, or consultant related to the broad areas of peace and social justice? Consider one of our highly qualified, dynamic Speaker's Bureau members! We have launched an exciting new venture that will highlight the incredible work of our members, and advance the workings of the "peace and justice" fields as well. The primary intention of the Speaker's Bureau is to help carry the mission and values of the PJSA to a broader audience. Understanding that various groups and organizations are often seeking trainers, workshop facilitators, presenters, keynote speakers, and the like, the new PJSA Speaker's Bureau will allow us to address these needs while showcasing the many talented scholars, educators, and activists among our membership. PJSA members can apply to be part of the effort, and general queries may be addressed to: speakers(at)peacejusticestudies(dot)org.


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