Membership Update

By Dean Johnson and Jeremy Rinker

As of February 4th we have 277 members which includes 28 Programs and Organizations (formerly known as Institutions) representing 59 of those members. Please note that there are many ways to join and support PJSA as members, including as various types of group program/organizational members. See for all possible options.

The transition to the new members-only listserv has gone well, having just a few minor bumps along the way. Thank you all for your patience and support as we made the transition. 

We wanted to send you a few updates, things discovered, and reminders.

If you have any problems posting to the list, please let us know by emailing We are tracking these difficulties. If we see patterns it will help us if/when we need to talk with our webhosts. 

We have identified several common problems:

If your post is not showing up, then the cause may be: a) The email used for sending the message is not the email subscribed to the list. b) The spam and/or security filter used by your provider does not allow emails with your name to come back through your email system. Your message may have posted and you just did not get a copy. You may need to contact your provider and add the listserv and your email to your “whitelist.” c) Your membership has expired. d) You have posted your message to the old list.

If your post is being held for moderation, then the cause might be: a) The message is being sent from an address that is not subscribed to the list. b) The message contains a file that has been flagged as a security threat. c) The size of the file is very large. d) You bcc’d the list rather than putting the address into the “To” line. We have tried to reduce moderation as much as possible. We will continue to tweak things as we go along. 

Just a couple of reminders: 1) Remember the email for the list is 2) If you would like to change your email or switch to digest post, please email us at

Thank you all for your continued witness and work. And thank you for your support of PJSA.


In solidarity and struggle,

Dean Johnson (membership chair) and Jeremy Rinker (institutional liaison)



Dean Johnson is Director of the Peace and Conflict Studies Program, Professor of Philosophy, and an affiliated faculty member with Women’s and Gender Studies at West Chester University of Pennsylvania. Johnson was a PJSA founding board member and has been a part of PSA/PJSA for 22 years.

Dr. Jeremy Rinker is the Institutional Liaison on the Peace and Justice Studies Association (PJSA) Board. He is an Assistant Professor at the University of North Carolina Greensboro’s Department of Peace and Conflict Studies where he is currently engaged in research that explores the intersections between marginalization, collective trauma, and systems of oppression. Dr. Rinker’s research and writings have long focused on South Asian communities, untouchability, human rights, narrative meaning making, and identity in social justice movements. His first book entitled Identity, Right, and Awareness: Anti-Caste Activism in India and the Awakening of Justice through Discursive Practices came out from Lexington Press in 2018. With expertise in restorative justice conferencing, peace circle facilitation, program development, and social movement organization, Dr. Rinker’s work aims to integrate the theory and practice of peace and conflict to achieve social justice outcomes