Utah Valley University Peace and Justice Studies: Climate Change and Violence with Dr. Michael Minch

Dr. Michael Minch on Climate Change and Violence

Former Board Member, Dr. Michael Minch (Utah Valley University) on Climate Change and Violence: How Heating the Planet Causes Conflict and Death

Michael Minch, Ph.D. is a professor of peace studies and political philosophy at Utah Valley University. He was the director of the Peace and Justice Studies program at UVU for 12 years, stepping aside in 2016. He is the founder and director of Summit: The Sustainable Mountain Development and Conflict Transformation Global Knowledge and Action Network. This NGO is building the world’s largest database in respect to sustainable development and conflict transformation. It also develops innovative programs on the ground in West Africa, Haiti, the Balkans, and elsewhere. Dr. Minch is also on the Board of Directors of the Education for Global Peace Forum. He conducts research and fieldwork, teaches, and directs study abroad programs, in addition to the locations noted above, in Latin America, Russia, Central Asia, Northern Ireland, and Russia. He has published work on democratic theory, conflict transformation, reconciliation, theology, ethics, economic theory, political ecology, and more.

Learn more about PJSA’s current and former board of directors here: https://www.peacejusticestudies.org/b


Original source: Peace Justice and Utah Valley University (2013)