What is Neocolonialism? In the Caribbean, It Looks Like Climate Change | Dr. Hakim Williams


Dr. Hakim Williams (Gettysburg College)

Dr. Hakim Williams argues that the Caribbean is bearing the brunt of neocolonial structural violence in the form of climate change. Hakim Mohandas Amani Williams is an Associate Professor of Africana Studies, Director of Peace & Justice Studies, and an Affiliate of Education, Globalization Studies and Public Policy at Gettysburg College. His doctorate is in International Educational Development and Peace Education from Columbia University, and his research and writing center on school/structural violence, educational inequity, and youth/community empowerment. He was a Visiting Scholar (2015-2016) at the Advanced Consortium on Cooperation, Conflict and Complexity (AC4) at the Earth Institute, Columbia University, and he is one of the inaugural Emerging Scholar Award recipients of CIES’s African Diaspora Special Interest Group (2017). He travels the world conducting workshops on restorative circles, mediation and conflict resolution with students, teachers, parents, and community leaders.

This video interview was conducted at the 2012 Peace and Justice Studies Association conference at Tufts University in Boston, MA.

Original source: PeaceVoiceTV (2013)

Interviewer/Editor: Paloma Ayala