Call to Action: Mobilizing for Conscious Change and Deep Transformation | Dr. David Ragland

Former PJSA Board Member, Dr. David Ragland (United Nations Mandated University for Peace)

Dr. Ragland of The Truth Telling Project delivered a keynote presentation on June 18th, 2017 at the Response at the Radical Edge: Depth Psychology for the 21st Century conference.

David Ragland is Co-Founder and Co-director for the Truth Telling project of Ferguson and a Visiting Professor at United Nations Mandated University for Peace in Costa Rica. He researches and thinks about the moral dimensions of violence and trauma against vulnerable populations in the U.S as well as envisioning a world with reduced violence on all levels. As an activist, educator and scholar, his recent and past work is the ground level- in his home community near Ferguson, Mo. David’s analysis is drawn from the radical teaching and scholarship of MLK, particularly in his description of the Triple evils of Militarism, Racism and Materials, as an ever present part of American life- calling us to a shift in values Dr. Ragland focuses specifically on how our society conceives justice as retributive and proposes a shift toward restorative justice to transform communities and criminal justice system and take the America’s turbulent history and lives experiences into account for policies at all levels.

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Original source: Pacifica Graduate Institute (2017)