Arts Cultural Work and Conflict Transformation | Dr. Polly Walker (TEDxJuniata College)

PJSA Board Member and Liaison to International Peace Research Association, Dr. Polly Walker (Juniata College) | April 2018
Among peace and conflict studies scholars, artists, funders and policy makers there is a growing understanding of, and support for, the effectiveness of the arts and cultural work in transforming conflict. Dr. Polly Walker shares findings from an international network doing research, training and practice in this field. Dr. Walker is of Cherokee descent and a member of the Cherokee Southwest Township. She is currently Director of the Baker Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies and the Elizabeth Evans Baker Professor of Peace Studies at Juniata College in Pennsylvania. Dr. Walker was awarded her doctoral degree at the University of Queensland, Australia, where her research focused on conflict transformation between Aboriginal and Settler Australians. She has published in a wide range of peer-reviewed journals and contributed chapters to a number of edited volumes on topics related to cross cultural issues in conflict transformation, Indigenous approaches to peace, and the role of ritual and performance in peacebuilding.
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Original source: TEDxJuniata College (2018)