Summit Database

SUMMIT: The Sustainable Mountain Development and Conflict Transformation Global Knowledge & Action Network

Summit: The Sustainable Mountain Development and Conflict Transformation Global Knowledge and Action Network will be the world’s largest and always developing database: a collection of and connection to data relevant to sustainable development, conflict transformation, peacebuilding, reconciliation, and transitional justice. Summit is unique in the world, and is a critical tool for the achievement of global human security. Summit will empower people by connecting them to knowledge, a vast array of resources in kind and number, and collaborative partnerships.

Summit addresses mountain communities and geographies with special attention because mountain peoples suffer the planet’s pathologies disproportionately. But we are not focused on mountains alone. Most importantly, Summit is designed to foster understanding of, and engagement with, the less developed world in all geographies and elevations.

Summit is the location of asset transfer where researchers, NGOs, governments, multilateral organizations, and communities can access and use the world’s largest collection of information relevant to sustainable development and conflict transformation to aid them in their efforts to foster human security. Not merely a storehouse of information, Summit also creates knowledge as users interact and collaborate with one another through the database and develop new methodologies, models, and strategies to engage and overcome local, regional, and global problematics.

Summit is more than a database, it is a collection of projects and programs that emerge from and connect back to, the database. These components of our mission engage people directly, “on the ground and in the field,” in many cases. They are now identified as Summit Research and Development Centers, Summit Labs, Summit Symposia, and Summit Tools. Given the extraordinary dynamism inherent in the Summit Knowledge and Action Network, new projects and programs are almost certain to be developed.