Speakers Bureau

Are you interested in finding a keynote speaker, presenter, trainer, or consultant related to the broad areas of peace and social justice? Consider one of our highly qualified, dynamic speakers bureau members!

If your campus, school, group or organization needs a speaker for your next event, please consider booking someone from PJSA's Speakers Bureau. The bureau is composed of a well-known group of scholars and activists who can address multiple peace, justice, environmental, and human rights issues. Speakers are available for all age ranges and types of groups.

This exciting venture highlights the incredible work of our members, and advances the workings of the “peace and justice” fields as well. The primary intention of the Speakers Bureau is to help carry the mission and values of the PJSA to a broader audience. Understanding that various groups and organizations are often seeking trainers, workshop facilitators, presenters, keynote speakers, and the like, the bureau allows us to help address these needs while showcasing the many talented scholars, educators, and activists among our membership.

Requesting a speaker

Our growing catalogue of speakers includes experts in the fields of nonviolent social change, human rights, US foreign policy, the Middle East, intellectual freedom, ecology and peace, gender issues, voting rights, community organizing, peace education and more. Our speakers have delivered hundreds of keynote presentations to diverse audiences as well as provided more intense workshops to groups of all ages. 

Please email us at info(at)peacejusticestudies(dot)org(link sends e-mail) with the name(s) of a requested speaker from the list below, and details about your planned event (date, location, subject, format, honorarium, etc.). We will be happy to provide you with more information, to work with you to connect an appropriate speaker to your event, and to work out an appropriate financial arrangement to make this possible. We will also help publicize your event through our various platforms and networks.

Featured speakers

Randall Amster: A dynamic speaker and facilitator on a wide range of issues, the former PJSA executive director, and regular contributor to the public dialogue on matters of social and environmental justice. Topics: movements, peace ecology, anarchism.

J. Douglas Archer: Doug is a lifelong advocate of religious and intellectual freedom embodied in Articles 18 and 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as foundational for effective peacebuilding. Topics: human rights, censorship , intellectual freedom.

Gordon Fellman: A sociologist who also fancies himself as a public intellectual. Topics: peace, social change, masculinities.

Laura Finley: Engaging, passionate and interactive presenter on peace education and human rights issues focusing specifically on gender. Topics: peace education, domestic violence, human rights.

Margaret Groarke: A political scientist interested in various forms of popular power — non-violent action, community and movement organizing, and elections. Topics: community organizing, non-violent action, elections, voter participation.

Ian Harris: An expert in peace education, and one of the founders of the field. Topics: peace edcuation, peace studies, men's studies.

Michael Loadenthal: An inter-diciplinary Professor and social movement organizer as well as the Executive Director of PJSA. Topics: terrorism, social movements, political violence, anarchism, action-oriented/ethical research.

Matt Meyer: A native New York City–based educator, activist and author, the founding chair of the Peace and Justice Studies Association, an activist with the War Resisters League, and a teacher-trainer for the NYC Department of Education. Topics: education, resistance, multiculturalism.

Elavie Ndura: Professor of education and academic program coordinator of the multilingual/multicultural education program at George Mason University, and a noted international scholar and sought-after speaker. Topics: education, multiculturalism, nonviolence.

Gail M. Presbey: Professor of philosophy at University of Detroit Mercy. Her areas of expertise are social and political philosophy, philosophy of nonviolence and African philosophy. Topics: nonviolence, Africa, India.

Rosalie Riegle: A vibrant presenter who uses oral history interviews to illustrate the motivation and practices of peace activists who frequently risk arrest to work for change. Topics: oral history, war resisters, nonviolent civil disobedience.

Sam Smith: Peace activist and youth speaker; ordained minister; Chicago chapter chair of the Fellowship of Reconciliation; active with the “I Will Not Kill” campaign. Topics: counter-recruitment, militarism, youth.

Stephen Zunes: Professor of politics and international studies at the University of San Francisco; a leading authority on the Middle East and North Africa, U.S. foreign policy, and unarmed civil insurrections against dictatorships. Topics: U.S. foreign policy, Middle East, strategic nonviolence.