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The Peace Chronicle

A newsletter published by PJSA three times a year, featuring new scholarship and literature; the latest developments in peace research, peace studies and peace education; central issues in the peace and justice movement; book and film reviews; and other selected resources for educators and activists.

Want to advertise in the Peace Chronicle? Distributed three times a year to our members and friends of PJSA, this newsletter is a very cost effective way to reach a large and dedicated audience of educators and advocates. Cost of advertising is $100 for a quarter-page (3.5” x 4.5”), $200 for a half-page (7” x 4.5”), and $300 for a full page (7” x 9”). Ads should be in JPEG format if possible (b&w, no bleed); PDF and Word files are also acceptable. Ads generally run twice, and sometimes three times depending on available space. To place an advertisement, please contact us at info@peacejusticestudies.org.

Recent editions:

  • Fall 2015-Winter 2016: The Road Taken
  • Winter, 2015: Here We Grow: Increasing the Peace in Turbulent Times
  • Winter, 2014: Transitions: Change as a Pathway to Greater Stability
  • Spring-Summer, 2013: Lessons Learned: Past, Present, and Future in Times of Change
  • Winter, 2013: Cutting-Edge Issues: Peace Studies on the Cusp of Change
  • Fall, 2012: Peace…and Beyond: Looking Ahead to Challenges, Opportunities
  • Spring-Summer, 2012: Peace is the Word: Reflections on Language and Terminology
  • Winter, 2012: Popularizing Peace: Disseminating the Good News Far and Wide
  • Fall, 2011: Living the Movement: Theory and Practice in the Service of Peace
  • Summer, 2011: Holding a Vision: Eyeing a More Peaceful and Sustainable Future
  • Winter, 2011: Spanning the Globe: Movements for Peace Emerge Everywhere
  • Fall, 2010: Reflections on Security: Peace, Justice, and Wellbeing in Troubled Times
  • Spring-Summer, 2010: Confronting Militarism: Transitioning from the Ways of War to Peace
  • Winter, 2010: Educating for Peace: Teaching and Learning in a Complex World
  • Fall, 2009: The Power of Nonviolence: Being the Change We Wish to See…
  • Spring-Summer, 2009: Peace on Earth: Bridging the Social and Ecological
  • Winter, 2009: Times A Changin'… and Still More Work to be Done!
  • Fall, 2008: Signs of the Times: Resources for a Rapidly Changing World
  • Spring, 2008
  • Winter, 2008
  • Summer, 2007
  • Spring, 2007
  • Winter, 2007: Reflections on the 2006 PJSA Conference, Fall 2006 at Manhattan College
  • Summer, 2006
  • Winter, 2006: Reflections on the 2005 PJSA Conference, Fall 2005 at Goshen College
  • Summer, 2005: Engaging Empire in Activism, Education and Community Strategies.
  • Spring, 2005: Teaching and Learning Peace
  • Fall, 2004: Reflections on the 2004 PJSA Conference
  • Summer, 2003
  • Spring, 2003: The Peace Movement
  • Fall-Winter 2002: Resisting War, Pursuing Peace
  • Summer 2002: Confronting Militarization
  • Spring 2002: Civil Liberties and Academic Freedom After 9-11
  • Summer 2001: Education in the Pursuit of Peace, Justice and Social Change
  • Fall-Winter 2001: Advocating Justice and Peace In Times of Crisis

Peace & Change: A Journal of Peace Research

This scholarly journal is co-published by PJSA and the Peace History Society. The journal features articles related to the creation of a peaceful, just, and humane society.

Peace & Change seeks to transcend national, disciplinary, and other arbitrary boundaries while building bridges between peace research, education, and activism. The journal includes articles on a wide variety of topics related to peace and justice organizing around the world, conflict resolution, nonviolence, internationalism, race and gender issues affecting peacemaking and peacebuilding, cross cultural studies, globalization and economic development.

For more information, visit our publisher's website.

Global Directory of Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution Programs (Seventh Edition, 2007)

A joint project of PJSA and the International Peace Research Association Foundation, this is a comprehensive annotated guide to peace studies and conflict resolution programs at colleges and universities worldwide. This edition profiles over 450 undergraduate, masters and doctoral programs and concentrations in over 40 countries and 38 U.S. states. Entries describe the program's philosophy and goals, examples of course offerings, key course requirements, degrees and certificates offered and complete contact information including email and website addresses. Indices by state, country, religious affiliation and type of degree, and an appendix with a list of journals that publish in the field internationally are also included. Also featured are an array of peace poetry and quotations contributed by PJSA members, as well as a preface by Matt Meyer (PJSA  founding chair) and Amy Shuster (co-editor of the directory), with an introduction by Ian Harris (past president, IPRA Foundation).


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Journals in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution

David Leeper (director of Plowshares) provided a list as an appendix to the Global Directory. View and search this list.