Project Space Social Justice Exhibit and Poetry Reading

Project Space Social Justice Exhibit and Poetry Reading

From 4-6 on Friday, October 27, there will be an exhibition opening at UAB’s Project Space showcasing student investigations of social justice themes and a reading by Alabama poet Ashley M. Jones.




My mother ate with hands instead of forks,

a cone of fingers, collard greens contorted

into a dripping package, seasoning

the cornbread tucked inside––pinto beans

sitting on top. What special flavors hide

inside thumb, index, middle, ring, what slides

through that is lost on the cold teeth of a fork?

Something in a hand says salt, garlic, pork.

It is cast iron, it tastes better with age––

the skin a bouillion, a succulent cage

carried from Africa, to slaves, farmers,

maids and sharecroppers. When did we embrace

the colonial cuffs of silverware

so that even our food assimilates?


–Ashley M. Jones

Published in Magic City Gospel, Hub City Press