Peace Chronicle Submissions

Hello all,

First let us say, ‘thank you’ for being a member of the Peace and Justice Studies Association and for continuing to support such important work in these tumultuous times.

At Peace and Justice Studies Association we are dedicated to bringing together academics, K-12 teachers, and grassroots activists to explore alternatives to violence and share visions and strategies for peace-building, social justice, and social change. We thanking all of the members who contributed content to this edition of The Peace Chronicle

Starting last year in our Spring/Summer edition, the editorial team at the Peace Chronicle started asking our members to submit contributions. This move is in response to a request from our membership to have more input on the newsletter, and a desire from our editorial team to have the Chronicle more a collective effort and a shared reflection of the amazing work our members are engaged in.

As far as content, we are looking for book reviews (500 word max), film reviews (500 word max), position papers (1,500 word max), essays (1,500 word max), letters, news, event report backs (e.g. conference, demonstration), short blurb reporting (500 word max), job postings (500 word max), advertisements, announcements for new publications (500 word max), programs and projects, opportunities for folks to publish and collaborate, or other forms of commentary on our work, our world, and our struggles. 

We hope that this new form of association-wide publishing will make for a more dynamic, diverse and engaging newsletter that more closely reflects our network. In conjunction with this new method of gathering content, the Peace Chronicle will look more modern.

The deadline for the Spring-Summer issue is May 14, 2018. If you have a contribuition, please send it to us as an email attachment!

If you have questions, please contact