Nonviolent Communication Course

Open Letter to the Community   

Greetings fellow NVCeekers. I'm writing today with a deep sense of inspiration and care… for you, for all of us humans and for Nonviolent Communication (NVC), as a way for us to create a world we will be happy to live in and to leave to our children’s children. 


Since I discovered Nonviolent Communication (NVC), back in 2001, I have been inspired to share it with others (some may say that’s an understatement). In 2004, after spending 10 days and nights in New York City with Marshall Rosenberg, it was clear I had found a new friend and my calling. I quit my job, sold my house and moved to New York City to start "The New York Center for Nonviolent Communication" ( Ten years later, I’m clearly noticing how profoundly NVC can change how we live, in a most wonderful way. 

I have also noticed that it can take quite a bit of money to learn NVC... and that never sat well with me. I didn't (and don't) ever want money to get in the way of someone learning NVC. That includes you… or anyone.   

To address that, in 2011 I designed, wrote and delivered a one-year, comprehensive NVC course online called "The Compassion Course Online". I offered it for free. By the time it started, on the first day of summer, 2011, we had over 600 people from every continent on the globe joining the course and our online course community.   



Today we are entering our eighth year and have become a community of over 15,000 people from all walks of life, in over 140 countries and counting. This year the course will be offered in Arabic, English, German and Spanish. We also have French and Russian translation teams working on future course years. 

For 2018 we are offering the course on a sliding scale of $0 to $104. It's set up so that when folks register, they can simply choose how much they would like to pay and that's it, they're in. It starts this coming June 20th and goes for one year. (Registration is open through June 19th.

For me, it is a dream come true, to share this work so widely and personally. This year again, I am dedicating the course to my dear friend and mentor, Marshall Rosenberg and offer it with a deep sense of gratitude for the work he has done and the profound way he has helped me make life more wonderful. A deep bow of deep gratitude... 

My Request(s) First, are you interested in finding out more? If so, you can go to There is a video about the course, a Compassion Course map of where everyone is, and two sample weekly messages. You can also register from there.   

Also, would you like to tell somebody about this? If so, and you have students/participants or teachers or colleagues who might be interested, I ask that you pass this information on to them as well. 

Thank you for the time and energy you gave to read this.


With Love and Gratitude, 

Thom Bond 

NYCNVC Trainer