Free Online Course on Civil Resistance this Fall

We are excited to announce that this Fall the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict (in partnership with Rutgers University International Institute for Peace) is offering our free moderated course, “People Power: The Study of Strategic Nonviolent Resistance.” The course runs from September 6 through November 1, 2018 and applications are due by August 26, 2018. The course is very interactive, includes small group collaborative projects, and is moderated by ICNC staff and Academic Council members. In the past, this course has been taken successfully by activists, organizers, scholars, journalists, and civil society leaders. Last fall, we had over 60 students from 29 countries take part. We are hoping to recruit around 50 to 60 students again this year for this free online course. Please share this email and its PDF attachment with anyone you think would be interested in taking this online course, or would be willing to share the announcement with their relevant networks. Please visit our information page for a full course description and to apply!

For more information: