Year: 2007

Battle in Seattle

In 1999, members of the World Trade Organization arrive in Seattle for negotiations that are closed to the public. Concerned about globalization, activists Jay (Martin Henderson), Lou (Michelle Rodriguez) and Django (André Benjamin) prepare for peaceful protests. Trying to prevent potential violence, Mayor Tobin (Ray Liotta) attempts to coordinate the police to avoid chaos. When a small group of unruly activists begins wreaking havoc, the planned marches quickly turn to riots.

Beyond Belief

The story of two 9/11 widows who find a profound way to move beyond their tragedy by choosing tolerance over hate and action over indifference. When terrorists shatter their lives, they open their eyes to the world and forge an incredible and unexpected bond with war widows in Afghanistan, the training ground of the 9/11 attackers.

Body of War

Iraq War veteran Tomas Young returns from duty with a severed spine and post-traumatic stress disorder. As Young reflects on his experiences in combat and the high price he paid for going to fight in the Middle East, he begins to question the validity of the war in Iraq and the value of war in general.

Buying the War

Over a decade ago Bush administration forced the United States into a war so poorly prepared and executed it soon turned into a complete catastrophe. The fact of how the bureaucrats misled the country has been already expressed, but they couldn’t have done it by themselves; they needed an obedient and docile press, to propagate their disinformation as actual news and encourage them to continue to do so.


The rise of musical singing group The Supremes and their battles to control their own destiny.

Orange Revolution

Orange Revolution chronicles Ukraine’s 2004 presidential campaign, from one candidate’s poisoning to the intimidation of voters, acid-bombing of ballot boxes, and the political pressure put on election officials to count votes a certain way.

Soldiers of Conscience

Eight U.S. soldiers reveal their inner moral dilemmas. Made with official permission by the U.S. Army, this documentary transcends politics to explore the tension between moral and spiritual values and military orders.

The Singing Revolution

Between the years of 1986 and 1991, citizens of Estonia protested in large rallies against their Soviet occupiers. Though the protests were fundamentally peaceful, the Estonians used a weapon more powerful enough to rattle an empire: the power of song.