Peace is Not Pretty

By Brooke D. Tracy

Those in pain are part of us

They are our brothers and sisters
Their blood is our blood
We are the family of the human race
This earth is God’s earth
We walk on the soil of battlegrounds
Their homes are part of earth’s gift we walk on
The earth that provides our needs
Their children are God’s children
As we are all God’s children
When they must rise, so must we
We offer what is in our shaky hands to give

Peace is not pretty
We face the violence and chaos against this family, this earth
We loosen our shoulders, and we gear up to work
We commit to actions of rest, yet refuse to stay comfortable
We must learn to have both
And we must fulfill our roles
Accepting human frailty
Is a feat we strain to accomplish
But in the small steps every day
Yes, we must fulfill our roles

One brings peace through aiding human minds
Another through a smile toward a sour face
Others bring it through maintaining infrastructure
And another brings peace through removing debris
One brings peace through healing wounds and hearts
Yet others bring it through enlightening words
And each one, in our simple roles
Can harvest peace in what we plant
Yes, simple deeds of love we plant
On this gift of earth we share


Brooke Tracy is a first year Clinical Psychology PhD student at the University of New Brunswick. She has worked as a research assistant in several areas, including youth in the criminal justice system, mental health resources for adolescents, Indigenous health, and cultural psychology. She plans to incorporate peace studies into her work as a graduate student, conducting research on immigrant families and access to care for those experiencing social disadvantages.