Winter issue of the Peace Chronicle released

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Hello all,

I am excited to announce the release of the latest addition of the Peace Chronicle, PJSA's seasonal newsletter!

As some of you are aware the Chronicle is undergoing some changes in the coming year, and with so many folks sending in submissions for this issue, we have assembled a great collection. Featuring pieces from Cris Toffolo, Laura Finley, Michael Loadenthal, Randy Janzen, the Peace Science Digest, Canadian School of Peacebuilding, Maria Olivero, Rebecca Oxford, William McConochie, Joseph Bock, Amanda Guidero, Heather Kertyzia, and others. This issue also includes PJSA's statements in support of academic freedom, job postings, news about publication releases,  and much more

As a reminder, the most recent issue of the Chronicle is available to members-only at:

This means that to view/download the issue you must be logged into As always, if you have any issue logging into the site, please email for quick assistance. 

Once the issue moves to the archives, it is available to the general public. This means that the Summer 2016 issue is now for all to enjoy! Out past issue archives are available at:

Moving forward in 2017, the Chronicle will get a new look and some new methods of soliciting pieces. Please remember that members of PJSA are invited to submit news, articles, book reviews, rants, cartoons, reflections, letters and other types of content. If you have ideas or would like to lend a hand, let us know.

All the best:

Michael Loadenthal

Executive Director, PJSA & Editor, Peace Chronicle