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From: Peace & Justice Studies Association

TO: Individuals involved in the work of Peace & Justice

Re: The Future!

As 2016 draws to a close, we know just how important, and necessary, our peace work is for the contemporary political and economic contexts. Escalating divisiveness and strife between peoples around the world demonstrate the need for actors and voices grounded in peace and justice. Now more than ever, spaces where constructive, informative, and transformative experiences and conversations can take place are necessary. The Peace and Justice Studies Association (PJSA) has been, and continues to be, one such space. PJSA brings together likeminded individuals (activists, K-12 teachers and university faculty) to provide support and a platform for their scholarship, pedagogy, and activism.

A membership in PJSA grants you access to:

  • A network of shared, rich resources in education, and in areas regarding peace, peace-building, and justice.
  • An active and engaging Listserv.
  • A curated forum for circulating employment, publication and other opportunities. This is hosted within the members-only resources section of our website and updated several times a week.
  • A speaker’s bureau.
  • A book series.
  • A program review system.
  • A process for delivering position papers.
  • A seasonal newsletter.
  • An engaging annual international conference.

PJSA recently held its annual international conference, hosted this year in Nelson, British Columbia, with a timely and important theme of “Embracing the tension to build the world we want." The successful conference brought together scholars and practitioners from all over the world. This winter, PJSA will also showcase the newly-designed national departmental directory for programs related to peace and justice--a digital reboot of the Global Directory that PJSA helped to print for years.  We are pleased by the steady growth of our organization and we look forward to continuing our work together.

As with any organization, PJSA requires resources to operate. We ask that you continue to be an active part of the PJSA community, through the contributions of your work, actions, and now as the year ends, through your financial assistance. Please consider adding PJSA (an established 501(c)3) to your list of year end or seasonal contributions this year. As we enter a new year promoting peace-oriented research, action, and education, we count on your ongoing engagement and support to continue the crucial work of peace.

Tax deductible, secure online donations can be made at:

Additionally, please make sure your PJSA membership is current for 2017. Together, we can ensure that PJSA provides multiple spaces and platforms for your work in peace and justice.

Thank you!


PJSA Fundraising Committee:

Swasti Bhattacharyya, Daryn Cambridge, Michelle Collins-Sibley, Laura Finley, Ellen Lindeen, Jinelle Piereder and Michael Loadenthal

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