Nominations Opened for the Dutch Human Rights Tulip Award

The Human Rights Tulip is an award of the Dutch government, organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for courageous human rights defenders who promote and support human rights in innovative ways.

Nominations Opened For 2017 Human Rights Tulip

Nominations for the 2017 Human Rights Tulip open today. Until 10 April, anyone can nominate a candidate. 

You can nominate organizations and individuals who you consider eligible for this award. You can also nominate yourself or your own organization.

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Image: Corbis- Hollandse Hoogte

Since its establishment in 2008, the Human Rights Tulip has been awarded to individuals and organisations from a variety of countries. From 2013 onwards, the focus has been on the innovative character of their efforts. The prize is intended to help human rights defenders to learn from each other. The winner of the Human Rights Tulip will be awarded the tulip-shaped bronze statuette, designed by the Dutch artistic duo Huub & Adelheid Kortekaas. Furthermore, the winner will receive extensive training and support worth €25,000,-. On top of this, a prize of €75.000 is given to the winner to further develop or expand the scale of the human rights defender’s work for human rights. In this way the prize benefits more people in more places. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has chosen the nongovernmental organisation Justice and Peace to support the selection process and to support the winner in the further development of its work.

Anyone can submit nominations for the Human Rights Tulip. The nominations are assessed by Justice and Peace, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and their networks. They select 10 candidates, for which the public can vote. The public then chooses their 3 favourite candidates. The minister of foreign affairs subsequently chooses the winner of the Human Rights Tulip. 

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