8th Annual International Nonviolence Summer Institute (University of Rhode Island's Center for Nonviolence & Peace Studies)

Dear Friends of Peace & Nonviolence: 

Please accept our invitation to participate in our 18th Annual International Nonviolence Summer Institute, at the University of Rhode Island's Center for Nonviolence & Peace Studies, on June 5-16, 2017. 

Friends, we are witnessing a period in world events marked by an increasing number of historic nonviolent struggles confronting injustice, as well as the horrific continued use of violence and warfare to resolve community and world problems. The use of the creative nonviolent direct action methods of Gandhi and King have empowered oppressed people to stand together for human rights and social change. But we know that nonviolence is more than street protests and demonstrations. To rise up successfully means rising on the tide of nonviolence that requires learning and training necessary for significant and lasting change. To work effectively, the methodologies of nonviolence must be studied and implemented strategically. To respond to this need, our Center continues its commitment to offering intensive nonviolence education and training. 

We are offering three nonviolence training options: 

  1. Conflict Reconciliation - Level I Certification Course (10-day Training-of-Trainers, June 5-16),
  2. Kingian Nonviolence Conflict Reconciliation - Level I Certification Course (10-day Training-of-Trainers, June 5-16),

  3. Advanced Kingian Nonviolence Leadership, Organizing, Mobilizing - Level II Certification Course (offered to Level I certified trainers, 5-days, June 12-16). 

Our Institute's senior trainer will again be Dr. Bernard LaFayette, Jr., noted civil rights activist, SNCC Co-founder, Nashville Lunch Counter Sit-ins, Freedom Rides, Selma Voting Rights Campaign, former member of Dr. King’s staff, and internationally recognized authority on nonviolent education and social change strategies. In addition, Dr. LaFayette will be joined by a team of Kingian nonviolence trainers from our Center. We have trained individuals from 47 countries, such as Liberia, Ghana, South Africa, Colombia, Venezuela, Palestine, Nigeria, China, Tibet, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. The Institute also attracts participants from dozens of cities and states across the US, joining together individuals from diverse cultural and political perspectives to find common ground in the principles and practices of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as an effective method for ending violence, achieving social justice, restoring freedom and human rights, and creating an international beloved community. 

Join us for deeper study and experiential training in Dr. King's philosophical principled-based methods for social change!

Full details for anyone interested in any of these intensive trainings are available on the Center for Nonviolence & Peace Studies website: http://web.uri.edu/nonviolence/


 Or go directly to our online Institute Information to register now. 


Please feel free to forward this invitation to interested colleagues, students, activists, community organizations and members. 


In the Spirit of Peace for a Global Beloved Community,

Geshe Thupten Tendhar, Buddhist Scholar, Institute Coordinator

Paul Buctor