Interface Journal seeks Western Europe editors

Interface’s editorial collective for western Europe is looking for two new editors to join Alice Mattoni and Laurence Cox. We handle articles sent in by people across a very wide range of social movements, academic disciplines, countries and languages, find reviewers when needed and take part in special issue projects from time to time as well as helping to run the journal as a whole. Interface is a voluntary project: we see this as an important contribution to helping movements learn from each other and to develop dialogue between researchers and movements outside the constraints of conventional academic journals.


We’re looking for people who are also involved in movements and are good with words and ideas: ideally scholar / activists who have time and enthusiasm to bring to this, but we’re also open to people outside academia altogether who have strong writing / editing / theoretical skills. We’re hoping to find people who complement the existing editors in terms of movement interests / involvement, languages / countries and disciplines / intellectual traditions (we don’t have to agree on everything!) We’re informal, comradely but also organised in how we work together.


If you’re interested, please email Laurence and Alice ( and by Feb 28th with a few paragraphs about yourself and why you’d like to do this / how you see it fitting into what you want to do politically or intellectually. Do also please let us know how we can get the best sense of your work – a CV, a website link, a sample of your writing…