A new PJSA listserv

As we had planned, the old PJSA listserv is no more.

After much discussion and debate, the board of PJSA decided to begin anew with a fresh list made up of our growing and vibrant membership.

This means that as of today (01/16/17), the listserv at members_pjsa@riseup.net will not longer function. We are in the process of transitioning to the new members-only list, but this takes some time. We hope to have the new list online and functioning within the week.

Please be patient as the volunteer collective at Riseup.net (the mazing folks who host our list) do their part.

Once the list is activated, all current members of PJSA will be added. If you are unsure if your membership is up to date, please feel free to email info@peacejusticestudies.org and we can tell you.

As always, you can renew your membership or start a new one by visiting: https://www.peacejusticestudies.org/members…/membership-sign

Thank you for your patience and we look forward finding new and better ways to serve our community in the coming year.