Join with PJSA to help survey our field!

Dear PJSA colleagues, 

PJSA is partnering with the Global Campaign for Peace Education and the International Institute on Peace Education (IIPE) to conduct a survey of peace and conflict studies programs. Please help u to get a better understanding of our field by taking the time to complete the survey.

We strongly encourage PJSA members representing academic programs to complete this survey.  The information you provide will help us to build an online program directory and provide analysis of enrollment trends useful for program development and assessment. 

You can complete the survey here:

A previous version of this survey was sent this summer and received a somewhat limited response.  Now that the semester is in full swing we are reissuing our request. An added bonus: the current version requests significantly less data. 

Again, the purpose of this survey is:

1) to contribute to the development of an online directory of programs being developed by PJSA, and

2) to gather enrollment data and other evidence demonstrating student demand for studying and pursuing degrees in the field.  Our intention and hope is that this data will be useful in support and justification of the development of new programs and review of existing programs.

This generalized survey is designed to gather data from a wide range of institutions (from large public universities to community colleges) and a diversity of academic degrees including graduate and undergraduate minors, concentrations, majors and certificates. 

Types of Programs to be Surveyed: We are using the term “peace and conflict studies” to cover a wide range of undergraduate academic programs that address the underlying causes of violence and conflict and explore a wide variety of theories, skills and approaches for pursuing peace and justice.  Programs titles might include (but are not limited to): Peace, Conflict and Justice Studies; Conflict Management / Resolution / Analysis; International Relations / Development Studies; Global Studies; Peacebuilding; and Sustainable Development.  The common denominator of these programs is a shared purpose in confronting violence and building peace.

Due Date: The due date has been extended to November 28.

To be completed by: Academic Program Directors, Administrators and/or Faculty

(* The survey asks for contact information for potential follow-up; however names and contact information will not be shared in the data analysis / report)

Time to complete: Approximately 10-20 minutes (depending upon access to data)

Some info & data you’ll need to gather: Please note that our priority is to gather any data you might readily have available. Please complete the survey even if you do not have all the data requested. If an answer is required for data you don't have please enter "NA". 

* program description
* program goals / objectives
* basic program information (website; # of core courses)
* average enrollment data for “intro courses” 
* average enrollment/graduation data for students pursuing the degree 
* basic info on marketing and recruitment efforts (if any)
* post-graduation student employment (if available)

Sharing of Analysis / Report: The analysis / report should be available in December 2016 or early 2017.  It will be shared with PJSA and posted on the International Institute on Peace Education (IIPE) and Global Campaign for Peace Education websites. 

Questions: Please direct questions to the survey coordinator, Dr. Tony Jenkins, Managing Director of the IIPE.  Tel: 202-556-1075 or email:

Thank you for your consideration!


Michael Loadenthal – Executive Director, PJSA

Tony Jenkins – Managing Director, International Institute on Peace Education