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   We are delighted to make the Global Directory available
   online in a fully searchable and easy-to-use database.

This is a comprehensive, annotated guide to peace studies and conflict resolution programs at colleges and universities worldwide.  This edition profiles over 450 undergraduate, Master's and Doctoral programs and concentrations in 40 countries and 38 U.S. states.  Entries describe the program's philosophy and goals, examples of course offerings and requirements, degrees and certificates offered, and complete contact information, including links to email and websites.
Preface by Matt Meyer and Amy Shuster.
Introduction by Ian Harris.
List of journals in the field, courtesy of David Leeper.

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Praise for the print edition...
'The Global Directory exhibits one growing and diverse aspect of the contemporary peace movement--academic programs dedicated to peace and justice research and to cultivating the next generation of activists. It is a vital resource for students interested in studying justice and peace, and for academics and activists looking for like-minded collaborators.'
      --Jody Williams, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, 1997

'Congratulations to PJSA and the IPRA Foundation on [a] long awaited publication....This Directory is essential for the kind of networking we need to be doing amoung the programs involved in teaching and research in the peace studies field. What a boon for students looking for training in conflict resolution and we can find each other!'
      --Elise Boulding, author of Cultures of Peace: The Hidden
        Side of History
and Emeritus Professor of Sociology,
        Dartmouth College

'A necessary/important book for all thinking/loving/peaceful persons. Let us take peace studies and justice everywhere--to supermarkets, subways, airports, churches, synagogues, schools. Let us make peace and justice the "business" of the planet!'
      --Sonia Sanchez, poet activist, author of Homegirls and
and Laura Carnel Professor of English
        and Women's Studies, Temple University

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