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Session B.6: Friday, 2:30pm-3:50pm

Panel Title: At the Intersection of Critical Pedagogy and Peace Education

'At the Intersection of Critical Pedagogy and Peace Education: Implications for Practice'
Kenneth T. Davis (University of Toledo)

The concern is that there appears to be a lack of personal accountability or theoretical underpinning for mediators in practice. Practitioners hide behind ethics based on legality rather than a connection to their society at large or their accountability as a member of the human community. If front-line conflict engagers are self-removed from their connection to the human community, what are they demonstrating to participants in conflict as to a motivation or reasoning to live peaceably? I believe educators of mediators and other front-line interveners have a role to play in providing an under-pinning to inform purposeful conflict engagement within a shared local community and humanity at large. A qualitative study using Appreciative Inquiry was undertaken with Peace Educators representing work in five nations. The participants were familiar with Critical Pedagogy and entered into dialogue as to its implications for practice. This workshop will share the findings og the study and further the Appreciative Inquiry.