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2013 SCHEDULE OVERVIEW (subject to change)

Index of Presenters

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

5:00p 7:00p PJSA Board Dinner

7:00p 9:00p PJSA Board Meeting

Thursday, October 17, 2013

All day Registration (Concourse)

9:00a 5:00p PJSA Board Meeting (Dean of Arts Boardroom)

9:00a 4:30p Pre-conference workshops (Balsillie School of International Affairs) (Separate Pre-Registration and confirmation required.)

5:00 7:30p Graduate Networking Session (Wilf's Den)

8:00 9:30p Welcome Keynote (Maureen Forrester Hall) Jody Williams

9:30 11:00p Jamelie Hassan art exhibit, "Could we ever know each other...?" in collaboration with the Robert Langen Art Gallery at WLU (attached to the foyer of Maureen Forrester Hall)

9:30 11:00p Reception (Maureen Forrester Hall)

Friday, October 18, 2013

All day Registration (Concourse)

8:30a 10:20a Welcomes and Opening Plenary (Maureen Forrester Hall) Sylvia McAdam
10:30a 11:50a Concurrent Sessions A
A Dialogue on Indigenous Governance in the Regions Around James Bay
The Generalist Approach to Conflict Resolution
Conscientious Objection to War, Tax Resistance and Peace Tax Funds
Business of Peace
The Ethics of Power
Forgiveness: Theory and Praxis Facilitation
Restorative Justice and Community Justice Initiatives
Issues in Nonviolence I
Women and Gender Issues
Historical Perspectives
This session is now in slot B.3

Campus-Community Collaborations for Peace
10:30a 11:50a TPDS Keynote (Senate and Board Chamber) Deborah Ellis

10:30a 11:50a Featured Workshop: "Could we ever know each other?: in conversation with Jamelie Hassan." (Paul Martin Centre) with Jamelie Hassan and respondents Suzanne Luke (Curator, Robert Langen Art Gallery) and Sara Matthews (Assistant Professor, Department of Global Studies, WLU).

12:00p 1:00p Lunch (on your own)

1:00p 2:20p Plenary Session (Arts 1E1) James Orbinski
2:30p 3:50p Concurrent Sessions B
TPDS: Negotiating Competing Ethical Systems in Schools
Architecture and Design as a Practice of Conflict Transformation
Educating for a better world....one systems citizen at time
The History and Current Practice of Peace and Conflict Studies in Canada

At the Intersection of Critical Pedagogy and Peace Education
TPDS: Original Dispute Resolution in First Nations/Aboriginal Child Welfare
Peacebuilding, Traditions, and Religion

Media, Textual Analysis, and Framing the Issues
Central Concepts in Teaching Peace Studies
TPDS: Contemporary Issues in Peace Education
Economic Approaches

4:00p 5:20p Concurrent Sessions C
Connecting Peace-builders around the world who use Purposeful Play
TPDS: Teaching Peace: Argumentation and History
The Power of Nonviolence: Overcoming Challenges and Creating Positive Alternatives
Why It Matters To Us: Our Collective Journey towards Truth and Reconciliation
Where Next? Mapping the Evolution of a Peace Studies Curriculum
TPDS: Life Lessons Learned On The Classroom World Carpet
Poster Presentations I
Restorative Justice: Abrahamic Faiths Discussion

The Role of Peace Churches
Teaching Peace Studies: Ideas that Work
TPDS: Social Transformation and Student Empowerment
Technology, Science, and Energy
Gangs, Justice, and Interventions
Film: 9/11 in the Academic Community
5:30p 6:30p PJSA Member Meeting (TBA)

6:30p 9:30p Banquet and Awards Ceremony (Senate and Board Chamber)

Saturday, October 19, 2013

9:00a 12:00p Registration (Concourse)

9:00a 10:20a Plenary Session (Maureen Forrester Hall) Rhoda Howard-Hassmann
10:30a 11:50a Concurrent Sessions D
TPDS: Peace-building (in) Education: Democratic Approaches to Conflict in Schools (runs to 12:30pm)
Knowledge and Activism
TPDS: Can There Be Reconciliation for Victims after Genocide? (runs to 12:30pm)
Peace and Persons with Disabilities
Canada's Office of Religious Freedom and Peacebuilding

Music, Art, and Peace
Issues in Nonviolence II
Identity, Movements, and Organizing
Peacebuilding in an African Context
Youth Issues and Opportunities

Resource and Development Issues
Communications, Interactions, and Outcomes
Structural and Systemic Issues
Health-related and Medical Perspectives

12:00p 1:00p Lunch (on your own)

1:00p 2:20p Plenary Session (Maureen Forrester Hall) George Roter
2:30p 3:50p Concurrent Sessions E
Hope as a Realistic Possibility
TPDS: University-school-community practices for peace and justice
TPDS: Conflict Learning Designs: Resources for Teaching Peace and Conflict Resolution
Peace Perspectives on Climate Change
Composing Common Places
Teaching Contemporary Arab Politics in Peace Studies
Peacekeeping in your neighborhood
Modern and Postmodern Understandings and Uses of Forgiveness
Violence, Nonviolence, and Peacebuilding
Working for the Commons: Cooperation in the Straits of Malacca and Singapore
Restorative Practices and Spaces
Innovative Approaches to Peace
Diversity in Peace and Justice: Addressing the Elephant
Law, Treaties, and Tribunals
Psychological and Social Constructions
Socio-Political Possibilities for Peace
Interfaith and Principled Nonviolence

4:00p 5:20p Concurrent Sessions F
TPDS: Inclusion and The Inquiry Approach
Freedom for Research
Film: Singers in the Band: Prostitution, Global Sex Trafficking, and the U.S. Military
TPDS: Teaching Peace In Every Relationship
Perspectives on Natural Resources - Conflicts and Resolution
This session is now in slot E.13
Restorative Justice and Harm Reduction: Building the Dialogue
Poster Presentations II
Issues in Peacebuilding
Fundamentals in Teaching Peace Studies
Truthtelling and Storytelling
PJSA 2013 Thesis and Dissertation Award Winners
The Middle East, Conflict, and Peace

War, Peace, and Worldviews
Ending Killing, Confronting Evil
Black Power and Empowerment

5:30p 6:30p Thematic Caucuses/Networking Sessions (gender issues, graduate students, Canadian peace & justice constituents, "to end all wars" authors, and more TBA)

6:30p 7:30p Dinner (on your own)

7:30p 9:00p Featured Concert: Britten's War Requiem (Centre in the Square)

9:00p 10:00p Closing Reception (TBA)


The Teachers Professional Development Strand (TPDS) will meet separately during the Concurrent Session time slots (their sessions will be held in Bricker Academic Faculty of Education Classrooms).

Jamelie Hassan lecture to be in Paul Martin Centre at 10:30 am on Friday (TBC).

The following will be located in the Concourse: Registration Tables, Display Tables, Innovation Competition Posters, etc.

Index of Presenters