Who We Are

The Peace and Justice Studies Association (PJSA) is a non-profit organization that was formed in 2001 as a result of a merger of the Consortium on Peace research, Education and Development (COPRED) and the Peace Studies Association (PSA). Both organizations provided leadership in the broadly defined field of peace, conflict and justice studies.

We are dedicated to bringing together academics, K-12 teachers and grassroots activists to explore alternatives to violence and share visions and strategies for peacebuilding, social justice, and social change.

PJSA also serves as a professional association for scholars in the field of peace and conflict resolution studies, and is the North-American affiliate of the International Peace Research Association.

A copy of our by-laws is available here.

Board of Directors and Executive Committee

PJSA holds annual elections to fill open positions on its Board of Directors. Terms are two-years and staggered. Nominations for open positions are regularly solicited from the membership.

The Executive Committee is comprised of the Co-Chairs, Secretary, Treasurer, Conference Chair and one other member from the Board. Members of the Board of Directors can login here.

List of Current Board Members

Our Mission

PJSA works to create a just and peaceful world through:

  • The promotion of peace studies within universities, colleges and K-12 grade levels
  • The forging of alliances among educators, students, activists, and other peace practitioners in order to enhance each other's work on peace, conflict and non-violence
  • The creation and nurturing of alternatives to structures of inequality and injustice, war and violence through education, research and action.

Our Values

Our members share many of the following values and beliefs:

  • Active nonviolence as a positive force for social change
  • Critical analysis of institutions and social structures
  • Societal transformation toward justice
  • Equitable sharing of world resources
  • Life-long education: community-based and service learning
  • Innovative and effective pedagogy
  • Liberatory use of technology and media research in support of community needs
  • Effective networks and alliances

Our Policies

More coming soon!

Our Partnerships


In 2005, BCA entered into a partnership with PJSA to promote peace and justice through education, research and action and to engage students, faculty, and college and university staff members in international programs focused on peace, justice and other issues of mutual concern.

Through this partnership, PJSA Institutional members' students and PJSA student members will receive special consideration for BCAís distinctive educational programs all over the world. BCA will waive application fees for peace studies students from PJSA member institutions who want to attend BCA peace and justice studies programs abroad.

For more information about BCA or applying to a BCA study abroad program, e-mail us at inquiry@BCAabroad.org or visit our website at www.BCAabroad.org.


Since April 2005, PJSA and the Higher Education Consortium for Urban Affairs (HECUA) have been working together to provide opportunities for students to participate in academically rigorous, experiential learning programs focused on social justice and social change. Undergraduate students enrolled at PJSA member institutions receive special benefits when they enroll in HECUA study away programs: a discount of $500 on the non-consortium fees for semester programs, and a discount of $150 on the non-consortium fees for short programs. Also, all PJSA members receive annual mailings of HECUA materials, and there is a PJSA liaison to the HECUA Board of Directors.

Created in 1971, HECUA is a consortium of eighteen colleges, universities, and associations cooperating to provide interdisciplinary, community-based learning, and to foster and practice education for social justice and civic engagement. HECUA programs occur in US and international sites of activity that provide dynamic contexts for integrated learning and collaborative action, and where students can discover their roles in creating just, equitable, and sustainable societies. Program sites include Bangladesh, Ecuador, Northern Ireland, Scandinavia (including Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and also Poland), Minnesota and the southern US. There is a strong internship component in all semester programs, and theory and practice are carefully integrated. Complete program descriptions, program documentation and application materials are available at www.hecua.org.


In November 2008, PJSA partnered with the Center for Global Education(CGE) at Augsburg College to add another scholastic membership benefit. This new partnership will offer discounts to individual members and member institutions alike, including $500 off fees for undergraduate students going on the Centerís Mexico or Central America semester programs, or $100 off fees for faculty, staff, or students going on the Centerís international travel seminars or professional development programs. Since 1979, the CGE has been a pioneer in peace and justice studies abroad, and working towards a just and sustainable world has been central to their mission. Program details can be found online at: www.CenterForGlobalEducation.org.


We are delighted to announce a cross-promotional partnership between the Canadian School of Peacebuilding (CSOP) and the Peace & Justice Studies Association (PJSA). The CSOP brings together local, national, and international practitioners and students of peace annually for intensive one-week courses on peacebuilding. Its goal is to serve peacebuilders around the world by bringing them together in a collaborative learning community, nurturing and equipping them for various forms of peace practice and exposing them to some of the most significant, emerging ideas and teachers in the field. Under this agreement, CSOP will promote the PJSA through its extensive network, and the PJSA will be a sponsor of the annual peacebuilding program. For more info: csop.cmu.ca.


We are pleased to announce an agreement between the PJSA and PeaceVoice, an initiative of the Oregon Peace Institute that is devoted to changing the larger conversation about peace and justice by offering articles and commentary by peace professionals to newspapers and online news organizations nationwide. Under the agreement, PeaceVoice will grant priority to PJSA members in seeking to place appropriate articles that are submitted for dissemination, and will conduct a Media Skills workshop at upcoming PJSA conferences. For more info: www.peacevoice.info.


The PJSA is pleased to announce the formation of a new partnership with the National Peace Academy (NPA). PJSA and NPA share many common goals and visions and we are certain that this new partnership will serve in growing and promoting our shared interests. The NPAís mission is to support, advance and nurture cultures of peace by conducting research and facilitating learning toward the development of peace systems and the development of the full spectrum of the peacebuilder. The NPA is especially interested in establishing partnerships with PJSA memberís organizations. Through this partnership, the NPA will be offering a 15% tuition discount to individual PJSA members, and to the faculty, staff, students, and community members who have membership status in PJSA due to their institutional affiliation. This discount will apply to most NPA led workshops and trainings. The NPA will also grant priority to PJSA members who apply to programs with limited space. For more info: www.nationalpeaceacademy.us